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*Not in our name – we refuse to be the fascists alibi!*

The Counter Jihad movement – from which Anders Behring Breivik got inspiration to commit the terror killing – is now calling right wing extremists from all over the world to join a demonstration in Stockholm the 4 of August. At its Facebook page the Swedish Defence League is writing:

”The first global Counter Jihad initiative starts de 4 of August with the first annual global Counter Jihad meeting in Stockholm, Sweden. Representatives from Stop Islamization of Nations (SION), Stop Islamization of America (SIOA), Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE), the English Defence League (EDL) and allies will speek.”

The demonstration is to be held the same day as the annual Pride Parade in Stockholm. If thats on purpose or not is not told in the press release, and we do not want to speculate. But, what we know is that the Defence League movement has started to use pink washing to campaign their islamophobia. This is done according to the model ”here comes the muslims and threatens our gays and lesbians”.

In 2010 the English Defence League started its lgbt-division, and they are making campaigns targeted to the lgbt community. At it’s how page the EDL is writing:

”Gay people in Britain have far more to fear from Islam than they do from the EDL.”

This summer the Defence League groups are mobilizing at Pride festivals. The Finnish Defence League has stated that they want to join Tampere Pride, which takes places the 19-22 of July. With pink washing these groups are washing their political colour from brown to pink, and they are re-branding ”the muslim” as a threat to non-heteros to be able to recruit within the lgbt-community.

When EDL claims lgbt people’s security is in danger because of the ”muslims” we see it as they are trying to create two groups and put them into each others opposition. We are strictly against the idea of the two groups. The arrangement of lgbt people/muslims as contradictions or separate categories is untrue. The rhetoric can’t in any part be called lgbt friendly, because it is totally implicit to all people who are queer and muslim.

We will say it again, it is the right wing extremists that most of us non-heteros sees as the greets threat, because that’s what our experience tells us. Many of us whom has been exposed to violence and mayhem, has been exposed by the right wing extremists.

Of course, we won’t let them demonstrate undisturbed! Soon we’ll publish info on where and when we’ll meet to hold a manifestation against the right wing extremists effort to campaign their racism in our name. We are hoping to see a broad influx, and we are calling for all whom are identifying as queers and lhbt people and all our allies to join, and to say stop – we won’t let them exploit our experiences and our lifes!

 *Queers Against Pinkwashing*

Pinkwashing and Queer BDS – important issues on the World Social Forum: Free Palestine 2012

From November 28 to December 1, 2012, activists from whole over the world is invited to the World Social Forum: Free Palestine, which will take place in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Queer groups and networks are co-planning the forum and they aim to highlight issues on sexuality and queer politics as key aspects for the Palestinian Freedom Struggle.*

World Social Forum is an open meeting space for activists and social movements. The first forum took place in 2001 in the Brazilian city Porto Alegre. During the years hundreds of thousands people has joined the global forum, in different places as Mali, Pakistan and Kenya, and the forum ism known for the famous slogan “Another World is Possible”. Thematic forums has also taken place, such as this year’s forum Free Palestine, were focus is on Palestine.

Palestinian and Palestine-related groups and networks are planning the forum, among them Queers Against Pinkwaching’s sibling groups Palestinian Queers for BDS, Pinkwatching Israel och al Qaws. They are aiming to highlight sexuality and queer politics as key aspects for the Palestinian Freedom Stryggle. These groups has written an open letter whith info and a call to join. We are publishing the letter here, scroll down.

There has been questions why the forum is in Brazil, and not in Palestine. One of the reasons is the occupation and the Israeli border control, which makes it hard to arrange a forum of this size in Palestine, according to the WSF: Free Palestine. Another reason is that on November 29 2012 it will be exactly 65 years since Brazil has presided over the UN General Assembly session that passed the “Partition Plan”.

“This year, Brazil can host a new, different global civil society gathering that strategizes how to overcome the legacy of oppression and dispossession that derived from this decision”, says WSF on its homepage.

More info:


The letter:



The World Social Forum: Free Palestine to be held in Porto Alegre, Brazil from November 28 to December 1, 2012 will bring together activists from around the world organizing for justice in Palestine. Palestinian Queers for Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions, Pinkwatching Israel, and alQaws: for sexual and gender diversity in Palestinian society are working with Palestinian partners to establish the formal structure of this year’s forum. Through this channel we aim to foreground the importance of sexual politics in the analysis of Israeli settler colonialism and occupation, promote issues of sexuality and queer politics as a key aspect of the Palestinian Liberation Struggle and, mobilize local and international activist and social movements around queer visions, BDS, and pinkwashing.


Our goals are to: We invite you to create this year’s WSF: Free Palestine with us. We will gather in Porto Alegre to discuss future goals and strategies, to create strong local and international networks, and to mobilize a comprehensive global movement for Palestinian self-determination, radical queer politics, and bodily rights. We invite activists, social movements, and queer groups to join our project and participate in a memorable World Social Forum: Free Palestine.

ESTABLISH a link between sexual politics and queer activism as inherent to the Palestinian Liberation Struggle.

BUILD a queer discourse and activist practice that does not separate itself from struggles against colonialism, racism and neoliberalism.

CREATE a platform of exchange for activists who work<>on pinkwashing and queer BDS.

STRATEGIZE around the next two years of local and international anti-pinkwashing and queer BDS activism, campaigns, and actions.

ENRICH BDS analyses, strategies and politics by presenting a comprehensive vision on the sexual politics of Israel’s occupation and apartheid system.

NETWORK with activists from around the world and forge new connections with social movements and activists in Latin America.

EVALUATE the work of queer activism for Palestine, examining challenges and issues that have come up over the past few years and discuss ways to overcome them.


In order to achieve the above goals, we aim to provide three main structures:

A PLANNING COMMITTEE integrated within the formal structure of the WSF organizing committees that is comprised of international and regional activists working on queer BDS.

A WORKING CONFERENCE for anti-pinkwashing activists to exchange and strategize around future work on queer BDS and pinkwashing.

OPEN PUBLIC EVENTS AND PLENARY SESSIONS to present queer BDS work within the broader structure and work of the World Social Forum.


Please contact our international organizing committee with questions, suggestions, proposals, and content via We are particularly looking forward to receiving proposals along two tracks:

1- Proposals for the working conference that describe and share successful and/or important queer BDS or anti-pinkwasing campaigns and actions organized within and by your local communities.

2- Proposals for public plenary and workshops around queer BDS and pinkwashing and analyze the way in which sexual politics manifest in the Israeli occupation

Please make sure your proposal doesn’t exceed 2 pages and contain the relevant contact information.

We look forward to meeting you!

 The Organizing Committee


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